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As attorneys, sometimes in our practices we experience periods of time where we have over flow work. It is in these times where we must weigh the costs/benefits to doing the work ourselves by working longer hours, hiring an additional attorney or allowing another practitioner to complete the work on a contract basis. Sometimes this overflow work is unpredictable causing unexpected times of hardship in our practices. My Firm aims to fix this problem for you by offering my services on a 1099 basis. You may hire my Firm to complete the following services for a very reasonable fee:

  • Drafting complaints/petitions
  • General legal research and writing
  • Drafting motions and responses to motions
  • Drafting claim charts, and Markman briefs (Patent Litigation)
  • Drafting, reviewing, editing, amending, and supplementing contracts
  • Reviewing documents for potential discovery production
  • Drafting demand letters/packages
  • Drafting/responding to discovery requests
  • Reviewing/notating/summarizing deposition transcripts
  • Appellage briefing (State and Federal)
  • Other Services

If your Firm is experiencing a period of time where there is excess work, consider hiring my Firm to complete the additional work.